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Fifty100 was one of our own startup ventures which kicked off in early 2009. A highly robust direct to fan music distribution concept, Fifty100 was a do it yourself platform for the indie artist who were seeking a broader audience as well as retaining their rights, ownership and revenues of their music sales. With a dedicated focus on finding licensing opportunities to place music in film and commercials, Fifty100 offered a strong e-commerce solution for artists to truly stay in control. However, as most will know, the music industry is a treacherous place and to this day, a true and real solution has not yet presented itself for the everyday musician to effectively control and monetize their creations successfully in order to actually make a living. For us too it was an unsustainable project and we’ve had to part ways with it.


Fifty100 was a rather complex platform as we built a variety of tools and features to allow artists to manage all of their content in a simplistic way. From a highly customized dashboard to oversee all of their activity, including detailed analytics, we built tools that allowed artists to permit their music for licensing, distribution through social media, fan incentives if they helped promote and much more. Indie labels had their own dedicated dashboards to oversee and control the distribution & monetization of their in-house artists. For brands we had an entirely different set of features built to allow them to support and underwrite music by pre-paying downloads and in turn offering them free to their social media network.

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